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Sunday’s Yellow Pages at Conference 2017

Each year the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, Left Futures and Labour Briefing (the magazine of the Labour Briefing Co-operative), produces a guide to conference called Yellow Pages. This guide aims to help delegates understand conference goings-on and point out which motions to support in order to best support Jeremy Corbyn and the policies he supports.

Sunday’s version of Yellow Pages can be downloaded here.


  1. David Pavett says:

    Did I miss something or did three Policy Commission reports go through on the nod this afternoon. After various speeches, none of which specifically addressed the Policy Commission reports the Chair said “right we are now going to take the vote on today’s debate”. Three reports then went through with a show of hands and virtually no one against. What kind of policy discussion was that?

    1. C MacMackin says:

      Very dispiriting. Do you know which ones were passed? The way you describe it is almost as though people were not told what they were voting for.

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