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Porn, fags and Big Macs: Labour and the ethics of business donations

by David Osland.

Back in 2002, New Labour accepted a £100,000 donation from Daily Express proprietor Richard Desmond, a man who made his original fortune from printing pornographic publications under such lurid titles as The Very Best of Mega Boobs and – hey, let’s not be squeamish, because Blair certainly wasn’t – Spunk Loving Sluts. Questioned on the issue, […]

Hungry for fast food rights

by Ian Hodson.

An upsurge of protests and strikes by fast food workers burst through at the end of 2013 in cities across the US, where more than half of the industry’s 3.65 million workers rely on benefits to top up their income, and 68 percent are the main breadwinner in their household. Fast food workers in New York City […]

We need to back local pubs

by Andy Newman.

In January 2013, Vince Cable, the business secretary, announced that the relationship between pub companies (PubCos)and publicans would be defined in law, and an independent adjudicator appointed to examine unfair practices. The Financial Times reported Mr Cable speech at the time, where the minister said:

Help save the Gay Hussar and give co-ops a bost

by Mark Seddon.

Is it madness to want to save a 60-year-old restaurant, the Gay Hussar in London’s Soho, because of fond memories of goulash, fierce argument and good humour – and to want others to have similar experiences? The late Tom Driberg tried famously to persuade Mick Jagger to stand as a Labour candidate there; Victor Sassie, longtime maître d’, whose claims […]

Lentils and lager: why we forgive tax evaders but not benefit claimants

by Jilly Luke.

Please note that there is now a supplement to this article including reaction to the response by Jack Monroe. Comments are now closed here but may be made on the new article. You don’t need me to tell you that everyone on benefits is a money-grasping sponger. Or that every asylum seeker is parachuted directly […]

Gideon and the shamburger

by Jon Lansman.

Poor old Gideon. Forced to make do with a burger and chips on his desk, he couldn’t resist the temptation to tweet the image and it was downhill from there. This morning, his spending review didn’t cause quite the splash he expected in the Sun. Poshboys really should be careful where they buy their burgers […]

Physical space is the focus for the left once again

by Keith Wright.

For many, the firebombing of the Freedom Press anarchist bookshop in Whitechapel last month was shocking – not only in its vicious nature, but also in the revelation that London still had such an institution. But as the Press struggle to get the pamphlets moving once again, the incident offers a more potent message to […]

Why horse-meat-gate should outrage all on the left

by Dominic Curran.

Its very easy to dismiss the horse-meat scandal as a lot of fuss over nothing. Indeed it does fit into a certain British stereotype of a strange sentimentality about animals. However the scandal has exposed the awful regulation of food, the disgrace that the food industry is, and class divisions in society that even manifest […]

A minimum price for booze? That’s just middle class puritanism

by James Bloodworth.

David Cameron has labelled the British culture of drunkenness a “scandal”, and the Daily Mail has described binge drinking as “creating a generation of aggressive and out-of-control women”. If the scaremongers are to be believed, Britain is sinking into a bog of alcoholism of the sort depicted by William Hogarth in the 18th century. Not […]

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