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Sports Direct are still using zero hour contracts

by Keith Wright.

SPORTS DIRECT is still recruiting for zero hour jobs in a spite of a promise to scrap them. The notorious sportswear retailer, whose bosses will face a grilling at its AGM on Friday, said a year ago that it would offer guaranteed hours to its staff. But new job ads on the company website explicitly state […]

Nothing to lose but our chains: Marx on cycling

by Mark Perryman.

As the annual cycling spectacle of the Tour De France begins Mark Perryman argues the case for two wheels good Who would have guessed it. Karl Marx was clearly a bike mechanic when he wasn’t plotting the downfall of capitalism. “Nothing to lose but your chains” is handy advice when the derailleur slips and furious […]

Review: After the eating and drinking, the sporty?

by Mark Perryman.

A selection of 2017 sporting reads by Mark Perryman for the post-festive recovery period There’s nothing like Christmas to put on an inch or two where we don’t want to. Sitting in front of the TV for hours, days even, on end doesn’t help much either. For many, a New Years resolution to add more […]

Where have all the poppies gone?

by Mark Perryman.

Ahead of  the England vs Scotland game Mark Perryman responds to FIFA’s Poppies ban The last time England played Scotland in a competitive match at Hampden Park, in November, 1999, it was preceded by none of the manufactured row about whether the teams should have poppies embroidered on their shirts. The tabloids were more interested […]

The Social Democratic Team GB v. Freemarket English Football

by Mark Perryman.

Mark Perryman outlines what  Great Britain’s Olympic success does and does not mean Team GB’s second place in the Rio medals table is nothing less than staggering. It is only 20 years ago that the squad returned with a solitary Gold from Atlanta ’96 clinging on to 36th in the table. This sporting nation is […]

More of a Marathon than a Sprint – Philosophy Football’s Book Review

by Mark Perryman.

Mark Perryman of Philosophy Football offers his reading selection for a Summer of Sport Exhaustive? Exhausting more like. The never-ending summer of sport from Euro 2016, the British Grand Prix, English rugby down under, Test Match cricket, Le Tour, Wimbledon fortnight , Rio 2016 and then before you know it the football season has started. […]

A Games that Belonged to the People

by Mark Perryman.

Mark Perryman of Philosophy Football uncovers the hidden history of Barcelona ‘36 When the Rio Olympics begin tonight beyond the glitz and the glamour of the opening ceremony spectacle there will be popular protests right across the city.  It was the same at London 2012 and the Vancouver Winter Games of 2010. Throughout the build […]

Englishness and Welshness in the Battle of Britons

by Mark Perryman.

Mark Perryman previews England v Wales as competing versions of nationhood The traditional ‘Battle of Britain’ match is of course England v Scotland, the very first recognised international football match dating back to 1872 and the most intense of rivalries ever since. The last time two ‘home’ nations met in a major tournament it was […]

Euro 2016: Never stop us dreaming

by Mark Perryman.

As Euro 2016 begins Mark Perryman offers an 11-point plan finally to end England’s years of hurt Five decades on from England’s solitary tournament triumph and as the team prepare yet another effort to end these proverbial 50 years of hurt at Euro 2016 it seems as good a time as any to consider a […]

Football: Catching up with Portugal

by Mark Perryman.

50 years ago England beat Portugal in the ’66 World Cup but Mark Perryman argues English decline has left England racing to keep up with their Euro rivals Thursday night’s pre-Euro England friendly versus Portugal is bound to provoke a 50th anniversary revisiting of England’s best match of the ’66 World Cup. No, not the much feted […]

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