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Beware the Tory sirens

by Michael Meacher.

After Ed Miliband’s barnstorming performance this week, it’s hardly surprising that the Tory hacks are now searching for the next chink in the armour. ‘Ed doesn’t look like or behave like a leader’ now has to be binned. So the next complaint, always presented of course as an invitation to help him, is that he […]

Guardian’s Michael White asks about party democracy

by Newsdesk.

With coverage mainly focusing on vacuous gossip, often the media lose sight of what conference is actually all about. Thankfully, the Guardian’s Michael White took the time on Wednesday to assess “the changing face of the Labour party conference”. Featuring appearances from Left Futures contributors Kelvin Hopkins MP and Conrad Landin.

Party democracy and the pay freeze: Ed answers

by Newsdesk.

Ed Miliband took questions from Labour delegates this afternoon in a wide-ranging session that covered everything from school food to Trident. A member of the party’s policy forum, speaking after the session, commented: “I’ve never seen a Q&A so free. I’m used to this slot being stage-managed and controlled.” He received one of his strongest […]

A triumph for Ed: the best leader’s speech ever?

by Michael Meacher.

By any standards Ed Miliband’s speech to Conference today was extraordinary. An impassioned hour-long declaration delivered without a note, it interwove his family’s grateful dependence on British values with his vision for a One Nation country and consolidated his leadership with a forcefulness and eloquence he had not previously portrayed. Clearly more relaxed and self-confident […]

Conference media round-up: day 3

by Conrad Landin.

A slightly different approach today – I’ve collated a few bits and bobs that aren’t dominating the headlines. Many of them aren’t in the papers at all. The Guardian have had a series of interesting videos from conference. Here’s John Harris asking “where has the anger gone?” Quite. He might find more at CLPD’s fringe […]

Conference delegates sidelined three days in a row

by Jon Lansman.

At Labour conference in Manchester, for three days running constituency Labour parties (CLPs) have been silenced and their rights ignored. On Sunday, CLP delegate Maggie Dunn went to the rostrum to complain that debates on rule changes proposed last year by Bridgend and Islington North might not be allowed because of an NEC rule change […]

How votes work at Labour conference

by Peter Willsman.

Over the past few weeks, I have explored the motions that will come before conference, what’s happened since Refounding Labour, and the proposed changes to the party constitution from CLPs, which if passed will make the party more democratic. Today, I’ll be looking at the various votes held at annual conference – and they are […]

A chance for concrete reforms in the original spirit of Refounding Labour

by Peter Willsman.

One of the functions of Labour conference is to consider proposed changes to the party constitution. Some of these rule changes will be proposed by the national executive committee (NEC). These will be set out in the Delegates Report issued to delegates before Conference. Advice in relation to these rule changes will be given to […]

Why Labour conference must be saved – and how to do it

by Conrad Landin.

There is a way to make party conference – and the Labour party – a worthwhile, democratic body, and save a load of money in the process. Make conference shorter by all means, but not at the expense of democracy.

Refounding Labour: what’s happened since?

by Peter Willsman.

In the months since the 2011 Annual Conference further discussions have taken place to build on last year’s “Refounding Labour” changes to the party structures, particularly with the unions. Refounding Labour, controversially passed on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis at Liverpool, significantly altered the party rulebook.

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