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Conference media round-up: day 3

A slightly different approach today – I’ve collated a few bits and bobs that aren’t dominating the headlines. Many of them aren’t in the papers at all.

The Guardian have had a series of interesting videos from conference. Here’s John Harris asking “where has the anger gone?” Quite. He might find more at CLPD’s fringe meeting on Wednesday at the Purity Bar, Peter Street, from 6pm. The line-up includes Tony Benn, Billy Hayes, Kate Osamor, Christine Shawcroft, Michael Meacher and Cat Smith.

Similarly, the Today programme asked: what’s happened to the Labour left? An interesting piece but with some glaring omissions – such as the fact that delegates have been fighting for party democracy every morning for the last three days.

On that note you can see conference chairs crushing party democracy on the BBC iPlayer. See yesterday’s disgrace at the start of the session, and Sunday’s from about 10 minutes in.

The Morning Star have had strong coverage in the last couple of days – especially giving a less hysterical account of what the unions are up to. Paul Kenny warns here about regional pay, while his union also held a rally in support of threatened Carillion workers. They also have a report from their fringe meeting.

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