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It’s time for Labour to pull together

by Chris Williamson.

The outcome of the local elections last month saw Labour’s tally fall just 18 short of the number of seats won in 2012. That was a remarkable achievement given the run-up to the elections could hardly have been any worse. Labour’s internal arguments inevitably dominated the headlines as prominent malcontents seemed determined to systematically sabotage the […]

Report of Scottish Labour’s May executive

by Jon Lansman.

The May meeting of the Scottish Executive Committee (SEC) inevitably focused on the election post-mortem. General Secretary, Brian Roy set out his analysis of the voting and the party’s own polling. The numbers can be found in the SPICe report, for those in need of further depressing reading. The party’s mid-campaign polling was better than the final result […]

Labour would have done better without a campaign to undermine Jeremy

by Christine Shawcroft.

How many successful elections has Jeremy Corbyn got to preside over before his critics concede he may have something going for him? And when are they going to run out of excuses to explain away his results? Last summer, as people flocked to join his campaign in their tens of thousands, packing out his meetings […]

London: credit where credit Is due

by Seema Chandwani.

After a tough few months of juggling work, looking after my sister, doing the CLP website and social media for Sadiq’s campaign and of course door-knocking plus observing the most boring count ever – I took off the weekend to relax. But as a self-confessed Twitter addict, I could not resist to have a quick peek […]

So how will Labour do when the votes are counted?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Managing expectations have become a political football in the interminable (and boring) tussle in the Labour Party. With forecasting subject to factional agendas, can we cut through the crap and think about what would constitute an advance and a reverse for the party and its leader? I’m going to have a try. The key election […]

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