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Community need to face the consequences

by Andy Newman.

The criterion for success for any trade union campaign is whether or not it leaves organisation weaker or stronger. A hundred years ago, the German socialist, Rosa Luxemburg, observed that trade union organisation was a “labour of Sisyphus”, comparing it to the mythological figure who was doomed to an eternity of pushing a rock up […]

Left candidate wins general secretary election in GMB

by Jon Lansman.

The result of the election to choose the General Secretary of the GMB to replace Sir Paul Kenny whose term of office expires at the end of 2015 has been announced. The winner is Tim Roache, currently GMB Regional Secretary for Yorkshire & North Derbyshire, who beat Paul McCarthy,Regional Secretary for the North West & Ireland by 15,034 votes […]

Exposing corporate hypocrites

by Andy Newman.

A key concept in modern marketing is that of Brand Promise: the commitments made by a company that seek to align it to the expectations and preferences of its target market, to provide competitive advantage. In particular, some companies seek to position themselves as “ethical”, whether in relation to avoiding controversial business sectors, such as […]

PFI contractor, Carillion, damned in report by NHS trust

by Andy Newman.

A damning NHS Trust report completely vindicates what GMB has said about Carillion since the union was first approached by staff in 2011. GMB, the union for staff at Carillion at Great Western PFI Hospital in Swindon, commented on the report considered on 25th September by the Board of the NHS Foundation Trust which details […]

GMB Scotland to campaign for a “No” vote in independence referendum

by Richard Leonard.

This week the GMB has announced that we will be campaigning for a “No” vote in the referendum. Let there be no doubt that there is a real hunger for radical social and economic change among GMB members. Support for “No” should not be seen as support for the status quo, far from it. We […]

Paul Kenny: no lectures from wealthy outsiders and CLP cuckoos

by Newsdesk.

This is the full text of GMB general secretary Paul Kenny’s speech to Labour party conference this morning. It is a pleasure of speaking today as Chair of TULO, representing the fourteen affiliated trade unions with a collective voice of millions of working people and their families. The trade union affiliates will only put in […]

In Bournemouth at the TUC, union leaders firm up against Ed Miliband’s proposals

by Jon Lansman.

In Bournemouth for the TUC Congress, the leaders of the three biggest unions affiliated to the Labour Party yesterday firmed up their position against Ed Miliband’s proposals to ‘reform’ the Labour Party trade union link. Dave Prentis, General Secretary of Unison which already has two sections of its political fund – one affiliated to Labour […]

Labour’s early gift to the Tories

by Newsdesk.

John Edmonds was General Secretary of the GMB from 1986 to 2003, the longest serving major union general secretary in modern times. Yesterday, this letter appeared from him in the Guardian. The trap is opened and Labour falls straight in (Miliband looks at reducing power of union leaders, 8 July). Allegations are made of irregularities in the […]

GMB Members take Carillion Dispute to Bristol Southmead

by Andy Newman.

GMB members, in dispute with Carillion at Great Western PFI Hospital in Swindon since December 2011, today demonstrated at Southmead Hospital in Bristol over the on-going dispute and blacklisting by Carillion. 150 GMB members employed by Carillion at Swindon have taken 21 days of strike action over the persistent failure of the Carillion management to deal with evidence […]

Paul Kenny to stay on as GMB general secretary

by Andy Newman.

One of the worst kept secrets in the union world has been the fact that Paul Kenny had changed his mind about retiring. In a recent e-mail to staff, Paul says: “[I] confirm to anyone who hasn’t heard via the bush telegraph, that I have agreed with CEC to stay until my term of office expires.  I  […]

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