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First anniversary of GMB strike action against Carillion

by Andy Newman.

Today is the anniversary of the first of 22 days of strike action by GMB members at the Great Western Hospital (GWH) in Swindon, one of the earliest Private Finance Initiative (PFI) build and operate hospitals, and only the second opened by Carillion. This long running industrial dispute between the union and Carillion, over the […]

Paul Kenny to step down as GMB General Secretary; Len McCluskey to seek fresh mandate in Unite

by Andy Newman.

Paul Kenny announced to today’s Central Executive Council that he intends to step down as GMB general secretary in late 2013. It is no exaggeration to say that the very existence today of GMB as a healthy, solvent, independent and combative union is the achievment of Paul Kenny, who took over the union in 2005 as […]

Ten years of Carillion putting profits before patients at PFI hospital

by Andy Newman.

This week marks the tenth anniversary of Swindon’s Great Western Hospital (GWH) opening in Swindon, one of the earliest Private Finance Initiative (PFI) build and operate hospitals, and only the second opened by Carillion. The anniversary was marked today by a dozen GMB shop stewards protesting outside, highlighting the long running industrial dispute between the union and […]

Liberty joins campaign against blacklisting

by Andy Newman.

Today’s Independent has a cracking article about the intervention of Liberty into the blacklisting scandal. The civil liberties organisation has written to the Information Commisioner querying the inaction over the illegal use of an unlawfully maintained database by around 40 construction companies to deny employment to people on utterly spurious grounds. Corinna Ferguson, legal officer for […]

House of Commons public meeting: GMB’s industrial dispute with Carillion

by Andy Newman.

Tuesday 10 July, 6 – 7pm Grand Commitee Room, House of Commons. Speakers include: Chuka Umanna MP – Shadow Business Secretary Kate Green MP – Shadow Women and Equalities Iain Wright MP – Shadow Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) Ian Murray MP – Shadow BIS Employment Affairs Dave Smith – construction worker blacklisted by Carillion […]

Progress are an obstacle to a Labour victory

by Andy Newman.

I have certainly had a busy week at GMB Congress in Brighton, with not only the usual hectic conference schedule, but also a series of meetings with activists and officials within the union to plan the next steps in our industrial action against Carillion. In addition, on Monday I moved a motion from Southern Region committing GMB […]

On Progress newspeak and rebuttals that don’t rebut

by Jon Lansman.

We are all familiar with NewLabourspeak — Orwellian but Modern — that language New Labour used so persistently in government to imply that it was doing something it wasn’t actually doing at all. And then lots of New Labour types repeat it again and again, until you lose the will to live. So it is […]

Making the punishment fit the crime for Tory donors

by Michael Meacher.

We have always known that this was a government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich.   But a striking confirmation of this has come from research by the GMB drawing on data from the Electoral Commission and the Register of Members’ Interests.   It shows that a quarter of the 1,000 ultra-rich persons in […]

The campaign against Progress is serious

by Jon Lansman.

The campaign against Progress operating as a party within a party stepped up a gear today as the GMB Congress passed without dissent a motion highly critical of Progress which it compared with the Militant tendency, and calling for “the national political officer should monitor the factional activity of Progress, and report to the CEC […]

Winning Labour sets its sights on winning back Labour’s lost 5 million votes

by Richard Burgon.

Last weekend Yorkshire-based trade union-backed Labour campaign, WinningLabour, held its first national day conference. Set up last year, it aims to promote radical and practical debate about how to win back the 5 million votes Labour lost between 1997 and 2010, embracing three core themes.

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