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Left Book Club re-launch planned for autumn with first book on Syriza

by Newsdesk.

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone is among a string of authors set to be published by a new Left Book Club, which launches this autumn. A collective of writers, activists and academics have been working on the project with the radical publisher Pluto Press. The project aims to emulate the original 1936-1948 club in provoking thought […]

The Mirror front page hit a nerve. Bring on the distraction

by Conrad Landin.

The front page of yesterday’s Daily Mirror (left) made for graphic viewing. Its simple message about the injustice of Britain’s reliance on food banks – and the ease with which it could be shared on social media – made it an effective campaigning tool for “digital Bennites”. But within hours, the backlash had begun. Twitter […]

Ken Livingstone will stand for Brent Central in the 2015 election

by Carl Packman.

Update (12:00): Ken Livingstone is not really the Brent Central candidate – this was an April Fools. The man, the legend, who first became an MP in Brent East from 1987 to 2001, has broken his vow never to enter an election again after the Brent Central Labour Party made an eleventh hour call to […]

A big thank you to Ken for the multicultural Olympics

by Jon Lansman.

No matter that I am not a sports enthusiast and was, in advance, a firm Olympic sceptic, it is hard not to be enthusiastic about the Games, sport, razzmatazz, community events and all. Above all, it did appear to deliver on the promise, Ken’s promise, of celebrating London’s multiculturalism – it positively oozed diversity and […]

The flames of hatred are still alive in the East End

by Rainsborough.

Ken Livingstone, who has developed a healthy respect for Ed Miliband, told the BBC Today programme earlier this week that his only criticism of the Labour leader was that he paid too much credence to “discredited Blairites”. There are a number of reasons as to why Labour did well in London, yet Ken Livingstone lost, […]

A tribute to Ken

by Jon Lansman.

Enoch Powell (who thanks to a recent revelation and in part to Ken may now be described as a onetime member of the LGBT community) said “all political lives, unless they are cut off in midstream at a happy juncture, end in failure“. Ken’s career may have ended in defeat yesterday, but it was no […]

Evening Standard – the Boris Johnson free sheet

by Rainsborough.

Never mind the Leveson Inquiry, with its focus on the Murdoch Mafia operation which has held successive Governments and Prime Ministers in thrall, for other parts of what used to be called Fleet Street, it is business as usual. As Londoners go to the polls, or perhaps don’t go to the polls, it is worth […]

The politics of hate in Tower Hamlets

by Jon Lansman.

Tower Hamlets Labour Party is like nowhere else. Throughout London, every constituency party campaign team is doing its best to get the vote out for Ken. They recognise that for the party nationally and in London, that is Labour’s political priority. But here the local vendetta takes priority. Against Lutfur Rahman, independent Mayor overwhelmingly selected […]

Real Londoners, not actors

by Jon Lansman.

“Another new depth plumbed in the mayoral campaign“, said Labour Uncut. And so it was… by them and by the Guardian diary, by the cuckoo in Labour’s nest, Dan Hodges, as well as the most hostile anti-Labour press in years. Ken stands accused of fake tears and using actors in his excellent broadcast. Except that […]

Standard journalists at loggerheads over pro-Johnson reporting

by Keith Wright.

Anyone who’s picked up the London Evening Standard in the past few weeks will be painfully aware that it is living up to its nickname “The Evening Boris”. But leaked correspondence seen by Left Futures would suggest that not all at Standard HQ are happy with this. Last month Darryl Chamberlain drew attention to the shift […]

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