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The 1 per cent have an interest in demonising Ken Livingstone

by Owen Jones.

Few journalists mention Boris’s slights against black people: all that talk of ‘piccaninnies’. Being on the left in public life means automatically inviting ridicule and venom. While only just over a fifth of eligible voters opted for the Conservatives at the last election, most of our media is firmly in the right-wing camp. Hacks and […]

Which side are you on, boys?

by Conrad Landin.

The Daily Telegraph supporting Boris Johnson? Surely not! For many, Andrew Gilligan’s promotion to the paper came as a relief. No longer would his hysterical opinions be broadcast to the capital’s retreating commuters as a point of course. But when self-proclaimed Labour supporters take to its pages to shaft their own party less than a […]

Moving on from ‘Ken and the Jews’

by Ken Livingstone.

The last week saw my relationship with the Jewish community in the headlines. I agree with those including in my own party who want to break out of the “drama” of “Ken and the Jewish community” – it’s time to move on from that, onto something less headline-grabbing but more dynamic. I understand the dismay […]

Ken and the Jews

by Jon Lansman.

Unlike Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian, I shall be voting for Ken Livingstone to be London’s Mayor, I shall be out campaigning for him and I shall be arguing against those in Labour’s ranks who, from the outset, have sought to undermine and damage his campaign. He offers the best policies for London and his […]

Londoners won’t be fooled by the anti-Ken Livingstone spin

by Rabina Khan.

The polls are showing the two leading contenders for London mayor – Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson – running neck and neck. Predictably, sections of the rightwing media have started reaching for the proverbial dog whistle; playing politics with race and religion and appealing to a diminishing band of bigoted voters who respond to the politics […]

Dan Hodges doesn’t want Ken to win, and won’t vote for him

by Jon Lansman.

Yesterday, asking the question “does Progress want Ken to win?“, I confess I missed something. I did take a holiday in August. 10 days. Missed both the riots, and, it turns out, an interesting piece Dan Hodges wrote for the New Statesman. In it he reveals that, in his view, “neither Boris Johnson nor Ken […]

Does Progress want Ken to win? (updated)

by Jon Lansman.

The November issue of Progress magazine carries three articles on the theme “Can Ken Win?” The cover story, by Dan Hodges, that good friend of Labour who now writes for the Torygraph, concludes: “That he will lose is inevitable“. Fortunately, Dan’s election predictions are, famously, almost never right. The justification for this prediction, it seems, is […]

Defend Ken from Guido’s nonsense

by Darrell Goodliffe.

The election to the post of London’s Mayor in 2012 is an absolutely key election that Labour must win to show it is nationally back on the map. Partly this is to do with symbolism, but it also reflects the goodly number of parliamentary seats up for grabs in London. It is no surprise then […]

Tories get it all wrong on Livingstone campaign donations

by Andy Newman.

The Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has briefed the Evening Standard, asking “what exactly Bob Crow will be getting in return for his campaign donations” to Ken Livingstone’s campaign. Yet no donation has been received. Specifically Philip Hammond said: “I’m sure many Londoners, like me, will be wondering what exactly Bob Crow will be getting in return […]

London Calling

by Ken Livingstone.

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