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“I am Labour’s anti-austerity candidate” | Owen Jones meets Liz Kendall

by Owen Jones.

Labour leadership hopeful Liz Kendall talks about why Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign has been so inspiring compared to the other candidates. We also discussed how she would deal with extremism in Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, the future of the NHS, the living wage, and whether Labour made the right decision in not opposing the Conservative […]

It’s about the fundamentals, silly

by Michael Meacher.

The basic reason that the leadership election has been so disappointing, until Jeremy Corbyn came on the scene, was that it was stuck on issues (insofar as it was stuck on any issues at all) that, while certainly important, did not have the makings of a vision. Even when Corbyn prompted the others to produce […]

Win or lose, Corbyn has ended the mantra that “there is no alternative” to austerity

by Bryan Gould.

No one, surely, could begrudge Jeremy Corbyn the odd chuckle or two when he contemplates, in his private moments, the consternation he has caused by his unlikely candidature for the Labour party leadership. It is not just the discomfort of his opponents, though that is sufficient cause no doubt for a little schadenfreude, but the […]

Smears hit new depth as Labour ‘moderate’ compares Corbyn supporters to ISIS

by Keith Wright.

A leading Labour moderate is today quoted in today’s Observer comparing supporters of Jeremy Corbyn to people “moving through the party like Isis in their jeeps in Iraq“.  The context of this comparison was the enthusiasm expressed by Jeremy Corbyn at a recent rally for the influx of new members and supporters to Labour and what it […]

Chuka Umunna’s partial olive branch

by Michael Meacher.

In his speech yesterday Chuka Umunna appeared to be offering from the Blairite faction of the PLP an olive branch of reconciliation. If this is the correct interpretation, it is a useful and welcome one, although he made it conditional on Jeremy Corbyn showing flexibility on EU, NATO, Trident renewal, and tax (unspecified). I don’t […]

My honest thoughts on the Corbyn campaign — and overcoming formidable obstacles

by Owen Jones.

A confession: I didn’t originally want a ‘left’ candidate in the Labour leadership election. My view was that, in the midst of general post-election demoralisation, a left candidate could end up being crushed. Such a result would be used by both the Labour party establishment and the British right generally to perform the last rites […]

The justification for Corbynomics goes far beyond re-nationalisation

by Michael Meacher.

It is curious that the main charge thrown against Jeremy Corbyn – apart from all the bluster and hysteria – is that his policies lack ‘economic credibility’. The assumption presumably is that the economic policies pursued by UK governments, both Labour and Tory, as well as by the EU, were sufficiently credible and rewarding as […]

That joke isn’t funny anymore – from #Tories4Corbyn to A Very British Coup

by Ben Sellers.

One day, someone like the Glasgow Media Group, will do an analysis of this leadership election and how the attitude of the right-wing press has changed towards Jeremy Corbyn. It will be fascinating.  Stage 1: Laughter It seems like an age ago when it was all jolly larks and #Tories4Corbyn. Smugly and patronisingly, they laughed […]

Corbyn & Watson could galvanise Labour and lead a grassroots revolution

by Grahame Morris.

How often do the public switch-off from politicians who they see as all the same. It is a criticism frequently heard when out campaigning, when the mainstream parties are perceived as offering pale imitations of each other. The public have voted with their feet, political party membership has plummeted and election turnouts have steadily declined. This […]

Jeremy Corbyn is a common sense, mainstream Keynesian

by Bryan Gould.

Former UK Labour minister and  leadership candidate Bryan Gould has a long-distance view of the Labour leadership contest from the other side of the world, living in New Zealand For New Zealand students of current affairs, the contest for the leadership of the UK Labour Party involves four names that will mean little – and, in […]

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