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#LabourPurge: just who are the three pounders?

by David Osland.

Any other political party would be positively delighted to wake up one morning and find itself with 120,000 new registered supporters. It would make them feel that little bit welcome, ensure that they knew when and where the local branch meets, perhaps even encourage existing members to pay them a visit just to say ‘hi’. But oh […]

The Labour leadership contest is a classic example of how it should not be fought

by Michael Meacher.

Sadly, but predictably, the Labour Leadership struggle has been so much mired in bluster and hysteria that its true potential significance has been largely obscured. A contest of this kind should start, not with who it is claimed has the style and presentation to be the most plausible leader, but with what it is argued […]

Brown has a nerve to lecture us on economic credibility or winning elections

by Michael Meacher.

It is hard to believe that Brown had the gall in his anti-Corbyn diatribe to declare that “the best way of realising our high ideals is to show that we have an alternative in government that is…neither a pale imitation of what the Tories offer nor is the route to being a party of permanent […]

Cold fish Corbyn claim is codswallop

by David Osland.

If one were to rank Labour politicians on their desirability as stag night drinking companions, then Lord Sewel would win out over Jeremy Corbyn every time. But when it comes to deciding between potential party leaders, a little dullness comes across as rather reassuring. So I cannot be the only one who found yesterday’s Sunday Times […]

What will bring unity to Labour is not the right leader but the strength of its democracy

by Jon Lansman.

As ballot papers start hitting doormats and inboxes, there’s no doubt Jeremy Corbyn’s entry into the contest didn’t just ignite the debate about Labour’s future and shift it leftwards, but it defined the debate. And whatever the outcome, that has already changed the Labour party beyond recognition. What has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to […]

Corbyn would put clear red water between Labour and the SNP

by Joe Cullinane.

Scottish Labour is on its knees after May, but let’s be honest, our problems have been a long time in the making. For many Scottish Labour members it feels as if we are in a perpetual leadership campaign. The candidates’ faces change but the message is almost always the same – Scottish Labour needs to change and […]

Too left wing? Corbyn concedes too much on public spending – trade deficit matters more

by Bryan Gould.

How Left wing is Jeremy Corbyn? If anything, argues Bryan Gould, Corbyn’s economic platform concedes too much on the government deficit – it is the balance of payments deficit which should be our main focus As the warnings about a Corbyn leadership become more and more hysterical, we need to ask – just how left-wing is Jeremy […]

New YouGov poll shows Corbyn has more support than Burnham & Cooper combined

by Newsdesk.

A new YouGov poll for the London Standard shows that Jeremy Corbyn “has more support among London public than nearest rivals, Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper, put together“.  Forty-six per cent of Londoners with an opinion thought Jeremy would make the best Labour leader, reports the Standard, compared with 21% for Burnham, 20% for Cooper and […]

Socialism is not a dirty word: A reply to the Guardian’s Jonathan Jones

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

As if proof were needed that stupidity isn’t the sole preserve of the right, along comes Jonathan Jones with a new angle in the anti-Corbyn effort. His target is the slight whiff of Marxism surrounding Jeremy’s campaign. Because – gasp – the ‘s’ word is getting more traction these days, it’s time we “have to face up […]

The ‘Stalinism’ of Jeremy Corbyn: a reply to the Telegraph’s deputy editor

by David Osland.

Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters should get off Twitter and read a book instead. Or at least that’s the somewhat patronising headline accusation that opens the Telegraph deputy editor Allister Heath’s polemic against the left’s contestant in the current Labour leadership contest. It’s a bit rich for rightwingers to accuse leftwingers of not reading enough books. Surely the […]

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