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Can Jeremy Corbyn Win?

by James Elliott.

From the moment he got on the ballot paper, Jeremy Corbyn was swiftly pigeonholed as ‘the Left candidate’ incapable of attracting the broad support necessary to win the Party leadership. In an act of remarkable short-sightedness all the other major contenders from Kendall to Burnham have acted as if we still inhabit a pre-Collins party, and […]

Why David Aaronovitch is wrong about the anti-austerity demonstration

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

What do you do when you give up trying to change the world? There are two options. The first is to fade into private life and spend more time gardening, building a model railway, or indulging whatever other ever-so worthwhile pursuits. The other is to try and make a career as a professional naysayer. It’s […]

Outside the Westminster bubble, people are mobilising against austerity

by Steve Turner.

Within 72 hours of the Tories forming a majority in Parliament it became crystal clear they were salivating at the opportunity to further impose their political austerity agenda for another five years. Attacks on freedom of speech, protest, the Human Rights Act and the right to strike came swiftly. Threshold limits on industrial action ballots […]

Britain Needs a Pay Rise: Demonstrate on 18 October

by Newsdesk.

Labour’s conference is over. We now need a Labour government but, just as important, we need a groundswell of opinion and activity against Austerity. On Saturday 18 October, hundreds of thousands of people will come together to demand an alternative to cuts, privatisation and falling living standards on the Britain Needs a Pay Rise national demonstration. […]

Why BBC News ignored the People’s Assembly march

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

By any common sense measure, a large protest ambling through London should be big news. The Graun covered it. Twitter was all over it. And yet, the many thousands who turned out on the People’s Assembly March Against Austerity got nary a mention on BBC News bulletins. All it merited was a postage stamp of an article on the website. And […]

Wolverhampton Council cuts: What are the alternatives?

by John Millington.

Wolverhampton – the home of the once mighty Wolves football team and the former workshop of the world in manufacturing, has been dealt a crushing 21st century economic body blow. Council bosses revealed to their stunned workforce this month that 2000 of them will almost certainly be made redundant following the latest round of cuts to […]

The Bonfire of Austerity: coming to a town near you

by Newsdesk.

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity has declared today, Tuesday 5th December, a national “Bonfire of Austerity”. Actions will be taking place across the country, including a blockade of London’s iconic Westminster Bridge, leafleting for public ownership of the railways, an “anti-austerity torch tour” in Manchester and a performative stunt in Cambridge in protest at the […]

We need a Labour Assembly Against Austerity

by Ben Folley.

Talk of ‘tough decisions’ and ‘iron discipline’ on spending demonstrate the dominance of Tory thinking over economic policy in Westminster, even as its effects cost them support in the polls. Labour needs to start thinking and acting for itself and for the people it represents. The Tories are tanking as the impact of austerity, trashing the economy and tearing up lives, […]

The People’s Assembly – as seen by a sceptic

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I wasn’t there, but thanks to modern telecommunications I got all the happenings of Saturday’s People’s Assembly broadcast directly to my computer. Now, I’m not about to butter anyone up and pretend my view of the PA initiative is anything but sceptical. I’ve sat in packed meeting halls in London a few times. I’ve heard angry words […]

Support the Labour Assembly Against Austerity

by Newsdesk.

Campaigning group Next Generation Labour (NGL) has established itself as a leading voice within the Labour party against George Osborne’s austerity package, to which the party leadership has made dangerous concessions. Many on the Labour left have professed their support for the People’s Assembly Against Austerity, a gathering of trade unions, diverse campaign groups and […]

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