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The People’s Assembly against Austerity: a programme for action

by Jon Lansman.

The statement below will be put to the People’s Assembly for approval on 22 June. It will then be open to the local People’s Assembly’s, union bodies and campaign groups who support the People’s Assembly to suggest amendments, additions, or deletions. These will then all be discussed and decided upon at the recall People’s Assembly […]

Support the People’s Assembly

by Ben Hayes.

As the third anniversary of the coalition government’s formation approaches, it has become clear that the foundations of ‘cuts consensus’ it was based upon are shakier than ever. Opinion polls leading up to last month’s budget suggested that 58% of the British electorate believed that austerity had been ‘harmful to the economy’, compared to only 20% […]

Labour must end a culture, not just a recession

by Barney McCay.

Monday 1 April 2013. Remember that day. With drastic changes in nearly every area of Britain’s Welfare State, you can bet your bottom dollar it’ll engulf the history books of the future. For a start, legal aid has been slashed. So in addition to the pain that losing your job, going through a divorce, or […]

Labour, austerity and immigration

by Ben Folley.

With the economic crisis projected to extend into the next parliament and forming the longest economic slump in modern history, two opposing political narratives are building up support, testing Labour in the coming months and years. The anti-austerity movement is growing, which the increased protests around hospitals, fire stations and thebedroom tax and a planned People’s Assembly Against […]

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