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Together We’re Sombre

by Aiden Anthony O Rourke.

When I started writing this, I wanted it to be a simple piece on Scottish Labour after our conference this month, but when one thinks about politics it’s hard to shut up about it (maybe that’s just me). The fact is, all of the issues I want to discuss are related, because we can’t take […]

A Welsh view of Scotland’s ‘No’ vote: the end, or the end of the beginning?

by Nick Davies.

‘Settled for a generation’ was the confident assertion of the metropolitan commentariat after Scotland’s referendum resulted in a bigger than expected margin of defeat for independence. An independent Scotland may be off the agenda in the immediate term but we should remember Zhou En-lai’s famous remark about the effects of the French revolution: “too early […]

Greater devolution for a fairer Scotland

by Dave Watson.

If the referendum result tells us anything, it’s that most people living in Scotland want a big change in how we are governed so that we can can seriously address poverty and inequality. This means that further devolution has to be more than just tinkering at the edges. As Lord Smith started his work with […]

I voted Yes, but I won’t be joining the SNP

by Guest.

I am a Labour Party member who voted Yes in the independence referendum, but I won’t be joining the SNP or any other party. I voted Yes for a complex array of reasons and it was a close call. Partly out of despair over Westminster politics, not just current Tory policies, I expect them to […]

The view from a Scotland full of flags, few of them red

by Katy Clark.

It has been an emotional few weeks in Scotland. Many of those on the No side are now hugely relieved after Friday morning’s result as, although you would not know it from the media, lots of ordinary people had been incredibly worried about the massive ramifications of a potential Yes vote. This was a forever […]

After the referendum, now the backlash

by Mike Phipps.

The panic is over. The neck and neck opinion polls that led the Westminster party leaders to make uncosted promises of greater devolution to Scotland and guarantees of bigger grant funding from the centre have unravelled within hours of the result. The “vow” to which party leaders committed, offering extensive new powers to the Scottish […]

Labour faces a titanic struggle to regain the confidence of the Scottish working class

by Jon Lansman.

In gracefully accepting the verdict of the Scottish people “at this stage“, Alex Salmond made clear his expectation that the three unionist parties honour their pledges to the Scottish people in rapid course. “Let us not dwell on distance we’ve fallen short; let us dwell on distance we’ve travelled.” The turnout at 86% demonstrates how engaged and […]

Devolution or Independence: We must not neglect the North East

by Grahame Morris.

In the early hours of Friday morning we will learn whether Scotland has voted in favour of Independence. The arguments have been well rehearsed from the uncertainty of Independence, and the stability offered by the Union, to the economic and democratic freedom offered by Independence. As a supporter of the Union, and the Better Together […]

An Open Letter to Yes-Voting Socialists

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Dear Comrade, There are many things on which we can agree about the referendum campaign. The mobilisation of masses of people in Scotland is a good thing. Whichever way the vote goes I hope the energy and positivity mobilised by Yes can feed into progressive politics and positive social change. It’s also kicked the complacency […]

Why the Scottish uprising will not lead to independence

by Ann Pettifor and Jeremy Smith.

The Scottish campaign for independence is effectively an uprising against the British state and its collusion with the globalized, mobile finance sector and supranational corporations. It is a protest against an economic and political system increasingly centralised and aloof—a protest bound to spread to other equally neglected regions. It is a campaign to end allegiance […]

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