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Socialism not nationalism is what should govern the life of Scotland, says Gordon

by Jon Lansman.

From each according to his ability to contribute; to each according to his needs. That is the best principle that can govern the life of our country today.” Thus Gordon Brown, at last and at his best, put socialism firmly at the heart of the reason to vote No in the Scottish referendum. It should […]

Yea or Nay, Scots won’t get real independence

by Michael Meacher.

If the Yes vote wins next Thursday (which I personally doubt), the immediate result – apart from the SNP euphoria – will be tough and hard bargaining between the Bank of England, Whitehall and the EU as to how the new powers are to be carved out. The spirit of liberality about quasi-home rule sprinkled […]

The far left: driven by self-interest not class interests on Scottish independence

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Were I still a Trotskyist, my position on the Scottish independence referendum would be determined by this set of questions: As America’s lapdog, key prop of international neoliberalism, meddler in foreign affairs, and cheerleader for market fundamentalism within the EU; would an independent Scotland severely diminish the UK’s influence? What are the social character of […]

10 really good things about Gordon Brown

by Jon Lansman.

It’s true that for a number of years you couldn’t put a fag paper between the politics of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and though we all heaved a sigh of relief when he eventually took over, he did disappoint us as PM. But Gordon has many great strengths and, just at this moment, there […]

Politics before and after the referendum

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Some sense impressions about the Scottish referendum and its consequences… If no wins on the 18th, it will be of the slimmest of margins and in spite of the politics of Better Together. The two debates between Salmond and Darling illustrated Better Together‘s problem perfectly. The first round went to Darling. He does technical detail […]

“The Scottish referendum isn’t primarily about Scotland: it’s about London”

by Michael Meacher.

This is a shrewd observation by Prof. Danny Dorling, especially in the later stages of the referendum as Salmond repeatedly pinpoints the sheer dominance and ultra-wealth of London as a prime reason why Scots should vote for independence. It sucks the lifeblood out of the rest of the country, and so far from the rebalancing […]

Yes or no, Labour should offer a new federal vision of Britain, north & south of the border

by Jon Lansman.

The only thing about the vote on Scottish independence on which we can be pretty sure is that it will be close. I’d certainly prefer a no vote although I’m no more a unionist than a nationalist. I just question the very possibility of independence for Scotland in a sterling currency zone within the European union, […]

Seven left-wing reasons for staying together

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Viewed from afar, Better Together has been a poor show. Not in terms of numbers involved out canvassing day after day. I’m on about the politics on offer. The vision thing. Yes have it. That an independent Scotland will share the monarchy, be a semi-colony of the Bank of England and fancies a corporation tax […]

Scotland and the risks of independence to EU membership

by Andy Newman.

The referendum process for possible Scottish independence reveals some of the best and worst aspects of Britain’s political culture. The potential withdrawal of Scotland from the UK would bring to an end a constitutional settlement that has endured for more than 300 years, and yet the commitment towards constitutionality has meant not only that the […]

The SNP vision of a deregulated Scotland is reason enough to vote No

by Richard Leonard.

Vision is essential in politics. It illuminates the possibility that things could be different, better and inspires people to not just believe in change, but to be driven to do something about it. That’s why it will play a big part in determining the outcome of next month’s referendum on the question of a separate […]

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