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Understanding Jeremy Corbyn’s Reshuffle

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Groundhog Day. Forgive me if I’m mistaken, but hasn’t Labour just gone through a ruinous and utterly unnecessary leadership contest that saw the party leader reconfirmed in his position? Please tell me the spectacle of sundry MPs appearing on Sunday politics television playing the unity card and positioning themselves as the paragons of such wasn’t […]

Corbyn makes changes to Shadow Cabinet

by James Elliott.

Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn made some changes to his Shadow Cabinet, although most of the top positions remained unchanged. Here’s a run down of the decisions so far:

Jeremy Corbyn, women, and the shadow cabinet

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I know the so-called women’s pages in the Telegraph aren’t meant for incisive political comment, but Cathy Newman’s piece on Jeremy’s will-he won’t-he reshuffle is a strong contender for idiocy of the year. And we’re only on 2016’s second day. It has it all: bad faith, banalities masquerading as analysis, omissions of fact. It’s awful. […]

On the much heralded shadow cabinet reshuffle

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I wanted to hold off commenting about “real” events until after the New Year. Even monomaniacal bloggers deserve a break. But there’s just been so much nonsense and idiocy swilling around Jeremy Corbyn’s will-he/won’t-he reshuffle that I feel compelled to say a few words myself. I mean it’s not as if the government have totally […]

Harman pre-empts return to shadow cabinet elections by announcing reshuffle

by Jon Lansman.

Harriet Harman has this morning announced a new Shadow Cabinet team before the first meeting of the new parliamentary party due this evening. She is, of course, entitled to do so according to the rules of the parliamentary party. These were amended four years ago at the request of the then leader, Ed Miliband, to […]

Emily Thornberry’s tweet – double standards at play?

by Mike Phipps.

Am I the only person who thinks that the reaction to the picture of a house in Rochester decked with St George flags tweeted by Labour MP Emily Thornberrry might be a tiny bit over the top? Anne Perkins in The Guardian described it as “stupendous, crass, insensitivity” adding, “It may be the most devastating […]

Ed Miliband shifts Leftwards at conference but Rightwards in the PLP

by Michael Meacher.

What sort of party does Miliband really want? The signs are confused because his radical stance at conference in taking on corporate power has now just two weeks later been followed by a distinct turn to the right in the reshuffle. How a programme of transforming capitalism is to be carried through by a Labour […]

Labour’s reshuffle – and what it means for party reform

by Jon Lansman.

It may not be something to which most commentators (with the exception of Labour Uncut) have devoted space but the Labour Left and the trade unions will be pleased that Jon Trickett has been appointed as Labour’s “deputy chair”, job title notwithstanding (the real chair and vice-chair of the Labour Party are elected annually by Labour’s national […]

Ed Miliband’s reshuffle

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

“Ed Miliband backs down and gives Len McCluskey his dream team!!!” screams Conservative Central Office as if people outside the Tories’ increasingly fevered (and depleted) ranks gives a monkey’s. Meanwhile, back on planet Earth Ed’s shadcab reshuffle is being dissected by friend and foe alike. As with any leader, the appointment of ministers and shadow ministers is […]

A Shadow Cabinet Nightmare Scenario

by David Pavett.

Everyone concerned for the future of the Labour Party and how it goes into the general election in 2015 wants to see a stronger Shadow Cabinet. Virtually no one, wherever they stand on policy matters, is satisfied with the generally lacklustre performance of the Shadow Cabinet taken as a whole. Andy Burnham’s recent Guardian interview […]

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