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Tom Watson – an outstanding backbencher even when he was on the front bench

by Jon Lansman.

The resignation of Tom Watson from the Labour front bench is a great disappointment. Especially on Murdoch and phone-hacking, he has been an outstanding backbencher even when he was on the front bench. It is tragic that he should be a casualty of the unnecessary fracas over the Falkirk selection, and no doubt this will […]

A Shadow Cabinet reshuffle worth having

by Daniel Blaney.

Earlier this week Mark Ferguson of LabourList speculated that there might be a reshuffle of the shadow cabinet shortly.  This may well be a good thing, but would depend on which changes were made. At present, of the full members of the Shadow Cabinet 16 are men and 10 are women. It is time at […]

Ten good reasons to welcome the appointment of Jon Cruddas

by Jon Lansman.

It’s been a while since Jon Cruddas was a Labour Left pin up boy and even then the status was contested by some sections of the Left — his campaign for the deputy leadership being seen as a distraction from the non-event that the main event turned out to be. Since that campaign, he clearly […]

Shadow cabinet reshuffle – another step forward

by Jon Lansman.

Ed Miliband has announced his minor re-shuffle following the departure of Peter Hain. He has clearly decided to hold off making any major changes at least until the Autumn. However, he has removed Liam Byrne from the role of coordinating the Policy Review, bringing in Jon Cruddas to perform this role, and appointing Angela Eagle […]

Time to do the shuffle, Ed

by Jon Lansman.

The opportunity for Ed Miliband to rebalance his shadow cabinet should not be missed. LabourList urges caution — it is only seven months since the last one so people haven’t quite had time to prove their (un)worthiness so best wait until Autumn. And, after all, though the anti-Ed briefings haven’t stopped, they’ve “lost much of […]

Labour’s not a greasy pole; it’s for taking on the abusers of power

by Michael Meacher.

I gather that someone called Luke Akehurst has complained that my comments on the recent Shadow Cabinet appointments did not compliment those who were successful, commiserate with those who were left out or discuss the personal qualities of the contenders. That response is symptomatic of everything that has been wrong with the Labour Party over […]

Reshuffle: Ed emerges strengthened, slightly

by Jon Lansman.

Taken as a whole, the reshuffle could have been worse. Rumours about the reappearance of Lords Falconer and Adonis and Alan Johnson didn’t materialise and it looks like Ed Miliband eventually recognised the need to focus on the balance of his support. The Blairites have taken a slight knock and Ed has more people inside […]

Ed: this reshuffle could be your last chance

by Jon Lansman.

Ed. Please listen. This is a matter of life and death. Your life and death, in fact, as Leader of the party. You had a bad conference. Not “a grotesque, cataclysm” of a conference, as Dan Hodges howled and many of your shadow cabinet whispered. But a conference in which your actions, in spite of […]

In defence of Ed Balls

by Jon Lansman.

According to Dan Hodges blogging at the New Statesman, Ed Balls should be sacked as Shadow Chancellor in the coming reshuffle. And why? For having been the key architect behind Gordon Brown of New Labour’s neo-liberal economic strategy of deregulation and tax cuts? Certainly not. For “unlearning every rule he once imposed with iron, and […]

The real test of Ed’s commitment to democracy is on reform of the wider party

by Jon Lansman.

Labour MPs have voted today to back Ed Miliband in abolishing shadow cabinet elections, with 196 (76%, or 83% of those voting) in favour, 41 against and 20 not voting. Last September the same PLP had rejected the same proposal and, instead, voted to elect the Chief Whip for the first time (although in the […]

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