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After Gaza, some accounting

by Mike Phipps.

The Israeli bombardment of Gaza may have left the headlines, but only now is the full story of destruction and abuse coming to light. The Russell Tribunal on Palestine has been meeting in emergency session in Brussels, taking evidence on Israel’s Operation Protective Edge. It has found evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity. […]

Chilcot: what we need is determination to hold criminals to account for their crimes

by Michael Meacher.

What we already know is damning enough. The UK went to war over Iraq because Bush wanted British support, and at the Crawford summit in April 2002, 11 months before the war started, Blair in effect committed to providing that, though the exact terms of that surrender to Bush still remain secret. The rationale for […]

On Jimmy Savile, Tony Blair, and turning a blind eye to serious crimes

by Jon Lansman.

The terrible thing about Jimmy Savile’s serious crimes involving young girls is how many people in senior and influential positions knew about his behaviour and chose to do nothing about it, to turn a blind eye. People who knew him at Radio Luxembourg and Mecca as early as the 1960s, Detective Inspector John Lindsay’s superiors […]

Will Blair, Bush and Kissinger be brought before the International Court of Justice

by Mark Seddon.

That the former Serb General Ratko Mladic was able to escape detection for sixteen years, beggars belief. The relative’s house he used as a ‘safe house’ was reportedly searched some four times – presumably with Mladic being told to take a stroll while they took place. That the butcher of Srebrenica was finally arrested this […]

A message to war criminals: “we shall find you”

by Mark Seddon.

The arrest of former Serbian military chief, Ratko Mladic, finally begins to draw a line underneath the unspeakable savagery that characterised the break-up of the former Yugoslavia. Mladic was the remaining ‘big fish’ still unaccounted for, and his capture poses almost as many embarrassing questions for the Serb authorities as for the Pakistani authorities with […]

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