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Millionaires demanding salary hikes as £12bn welfare cuts fall on poorest

by Michael Meacher.

You can always trust Britain’s pampered corporate bosses to express their greed at the most inauspicious moments, but to do so when Osborne is set for the most inequality-expanding budget in living memory at the expense of the poor is insensitive even by their standards. The heads of Britain’s biggest companies already make more in […]

Child poverty could be Tories’ Achilles heel

by Michael Meacher.

The Tories’ relief that the child poverty figures just published in the official Households Below Average Income (HBAI) statistics didn’t show an increase was palpable.  But that conceals the real story. The Tories have form on this issue. Child poverty tripled under Thatcher from 1 in 9 children to 1 in 3, but then fell […]

Another hit for low-paid workers revealed – one of Osborne’s £12bn hidden benefit cuts

by Michael Meacher.

Following my post on the further £12bn welfare cuts promised by Osborne if the Tories win, I received an email from one of those persons who read it, Sue Tuke, with some devastating new revelations about how the proposed cuts to Universal Credit when self-employed claimants miss their monthly targets will likely be part of […]

Why we should say NO to welfare cuts in the next Parliament

by Michael Meacher.

There is an auction taking place on the size of the welfare cuts to be imposed in the next 5 years. The Tories are arguing for £30bn cuts in the first 2 years to 2017-8 via no tax rises, £12bn in welfare cuts, £5bn in extra corporate tax evasion revenues, and bigger departmental cuts (up […]

A budget surplus, George? Don’t make me laugh

by Michael Meacher.

Osborne’s proposed goal of a budget surplus in the next parliament is absurd on several counts. First, the politics of austerity for a full decade 2010-20 is surely untenable. The unrest after just 3 years is already clearly mounting, and the idea that the lid could be held down for another 7 years is fanciful, […]

Support George Rolph: on hunger strike having had his disability benefits denied

by Jon Lansman.

Today, George Rolph is in day 16 of his hunger strike, which he is doing for others going through what he has had to endure, whilst also trying to get the general public to wake up to what is happening to the most vulnerable people in the United Kingdom, a country which once cared for […]

Atos: flaws in the Government’s case exposed

by Michael Meacher.

Several recent events have further highlighted the fault lines in government policy and practice over the Atos work assessments: 1   The debate which I initiated in the House on 21 March finally revealed, when the stand-in junior minister Esther McVey finally got around to it after all the padded guff, that the reason the minister […]

Labour must fight Osborne’s Welfare cuts

by Michael Meacher.

Labour is facing a watershed. After Osborne made clear in his Autumn Statement that because of his failed deficit-cutting plans he was determined to extract a further £10bn in welfare cuts in addition to the £18bn already imposed and that as part of this new attack on the poor he was upgrading welfare benefits by only 1% […]

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