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GMB & UCATT Nominate Ed Miliband, CWU goes for Balls and ASLEF for Abbott

The GMB, the first of the big three unions to nominate, and UCATT have decided to nominate Ed Miliband for the Labour Leadership which is a big boost for the Ed Miliband campaign. The Communication Workers have gone for Ed Balls, and Diane Abbott has won Aslef, the train drivers union. Until today, the only three unions to have nominated were Usdaw and Community predictably nominating the older Miliband, and the other rail union affiliated to Labour, TSSA, more surprisingly, nominating Diane Abbott.

Unite and Unison are expected to nominate next week. It is thought most likely that they will opt for one of the two Eds.  If they too nominate Ed Miliband, as some predict, Ed Balls and Andy Burnham may begin to question what they can salvage from the campaign. David Miliband may not pick up another significant trade union nomination but is still a little ahead of his brother both amongst MPs, and, so far, in CLP nominations.

The closing date for nominations is 30 July.

the first of the big three unions to nominate

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  1. andy newman says:

    I understand that the poltical committee of the Londn and Eastern Region of UNITE has backed Diane Abbott.

    I am not quite sure how this will play, if UNITE nationally recommend one of the Eds. Which recommendation will UNITE members in London receive?

    I am assuming that most unions will ignore the NEC guidance which is I understand to issue balot papers unaccompanied by a recommendation.

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