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Diane Abbott: extend the deadline to 5:30pm!

Following John McDonnell’s honorable withdrawal from the Leadership contest, the key issue is whether Diane Abbott has time to gather enough nominations. Harriet Harman’s nomination yesterday, and David Miliband’s statement just now, should make it possible in principle but physically gathering signatures of people who may not even be in the House of Commons and getting them in is certainly not guaranteed. The deadline should be extended to 5:30 this evening.


  1. Mauro says:

    Diane, why not ask for a month?
    Why are we rushing it?
    Did you notice the order candidacy list and their activity online?
    The higher the activity and the higher they are in the list.

    You need to work online a lot! USE TWITTER and FACEBOOK!

    Use technology, get a Geek to help you out – well, it is too late.

  2. John Nicols says:


    Is that one of those racial stereotype questions, where one is supposed to believe black people are less active and more lazy than white people?


  3. Mauro says:

    Unfortunately you are one of those people that reply to a message before reading it and understanding it!

    You do not know anything about me at all and you are totally wrong.


    I actually was helping her out and she got in anyway after D. Miliband encouraged others to vote her in.

    A clever move by Miliband to assure pluralism and reinforce his candidacy by showing how democratic he is.

    Good luck Diane!

  4. Mauro says:

    … addition

    The ask for a month is a SERIOUS asking, I even started a thread on Twitter. I was not joking I am serious it should be slower because Dave and Ed are being too driven by technology and the votes in my viuew do not respect reality.

    Too fast. We need to think hard and not rush in it.
    I am dead serious and angry about it.

    Harman too voted for her at the last minute seeing the pace was too slow for her and there would not be a woman there. Abbot is VERY important in the labour leadership.

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