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Compass backs Ed Miliband

Compass has voted overwhelmingly to back Ed Miliband with 55% of first preferences in a surprisingly small turnout of 626.  It may be too late to have any effect on the outcome but it does reveal something about where Compass members stand.

Only one in eight members backed Jon Cruddas’s stance of suppoprt for David Miliband, fewer than the one in five who backed Diane Abbott. This showws that it may well be difficult for Jon Cruddas to rely on the backing of Compass members in future, and for Compass to promote him so heavily.

In announcing its backing for the younger Miliband, Compass provides reassurance for those who look forward to it playing a full part in a centre-left alliance after conference to see through Labour’s progressive renewal:

Compass will engage constructively but critically with Ed. We will work to help him fulfil his campaign promises and call him to account if he falls short.

The detailed results were as follows:

Diane Abbott 117
Ed Balls 20
Andy Burnham 24
David Miliband 77
Ed Miliband 342
Support No Candidate 46
Totals 626


  1. I have decided to vote on a person who is not at huge risk of being eliminated, and who represents the sort of fresh approach I wish to see. Out of the Miliband brothers, therefore, I am fully giving my support to Ed Miliband. I am very much looking forward to his event at Haverstock Hill on Sunday, and I must say that, as a person who was totally devoted to Gordon Brown, I found some of the personal remarks made by Tony Blair upsetting. I wish Labour to look forward now, as this protracted navel-gazing is not serving any function any more. There are elements of New Labour, but I feel we must make a total break from the stranglehold of Tony Blair.

  2. Mick Hall says:

    Not being a labour party member, although a man of the left, I wonder if people can tell me why Ed Balls seems so unpopular. From outside looking in, he seems to be as ‘progressive’ as Ed Miliband and far more than D Miliband

  3. Jon Lansman says:

    Simply too asociated with Gordon Brown. I’m not sure it’s entirely fair – he’s sounded more progressive on the economy during the campaign, including on the size of the state, tax and spending – but on other issues he’s far more middle of the road (andworse on immigration).

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