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Ed Balls reminds Labour that Ramsay McDonald also said there is no alternative to cuts

In his address to conference, after  another hard-hitting attack on Michael Gove and Coalition education policy (it was, after all, the Education session), Ed Balls set out his economic alternative to their cuts agenda — “put growth and jobs first”. And in a coded warning to the cuts enthusiasts in the hall, he reminded conference that Ramsay MacDonald, as Labour Prime Minister had also argued that there was no alternative to cuts. MacDonald had been rejected by Labour (as had the über-Blairites today) but he went on to make the cuts (in a Tory dominated coalition) and cause economic devastation for a generation. With it looking ever more certain that David Miliband will not stand for the shadow cabinet, it is looking increasingly likely that Ed Balls will be shadow chancellor. And a good thing too!


  1. Matthew Stiles says:

    Agree with your points on Ed Balls. Certainly the best Labour frontbench MP we have on the economy. People need to look at what’s going on in Ireland where the massive cuts that the Irish Govt made last year seems actually to be making the deficit worse. Even more importantly the cuts have been making terrible impacts on unemployment, poverty and public services.

  2. susan press says:

    Balls must be hot favourite to be Shadow Chancellor ….heard him at Conference and thought impressive or at least as good as we on left are going to get.he “gets it” to use the Miliband patois

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