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UNISON calls for Libya ceasefire

UNISON has now joined UNITE in calling for an end to NATO bombing of Libya.

A statement issued yesterday from the union’s ruling body – its National Executive Council – said:

the record of the Gaddafi regime and the serious concerns over the safety of civilians in the areas of Libya that supported the revolt against his regime led to the United Nations Security Council resolution establishing the no-fly zone. However, the intervention of NATO forces potentially risks prolonging a civil conflict and a division on Libya, instead of a lasting solution that meets the legitimate aspirations of the Libyan people”.

General Secretary of UNISON, Dave Prentis, said:

UNISON is calling for a peaceful solution and a cessation of military Action, to enable the unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid, protection for civilians and a genuine national dialogue on reform.

The union wholeheartedly condemns the Gaddafi regime’s history of systematic human rights violations, including the promotion of terrorism abroad.”

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  1. vi__sa says:

    What does this have to do with the unions?!?!?

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