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“No more pointless reorganisations of the NHS”, Cameron promised

“No more pointless reorganisations of the NHS which aim for change but instead bring chaos”, he promised the Royal College of Nurses two years ago. How persuasive he must have been. Today they voted 478 t0 6 with 13 abstentions to reject the pointless and destructive reorganisation his government has now proposed. The British Medical Association did the same a month ago.

They may yet fall out badly over the NHS, but the Tories and Lib Dems are clearly united on one important thing. Not keeping promises.

(hat tip: Labour List)

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  1. John FOSTER says:

    I have a softspot for the NHS, as I have had two types of cancer. I go frequently for checkups to my wife and myself and I have the imression that the management and organisation have been improving immensely. I am appalled to think that other people will not get this great service in future!

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