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Public support higher taxes for rich

The latest YouGov opinion poll continues to demonstrate public support for more progressive taxes. Supporters of abolishing the 50p top rate of income tax outnumber opponents, for example, by almost three to one (59% to 23%). Labour and Lib Dem supporters support it most strongly(70/72% to 16/15% respectively) but even Tory voters do by 50% to 37%. Supporters of a new annual “mansion tax” on houses worth over £1m outnumber opponents 63% to 27% (even amongst Tories).

The public also support cutting indirect taxes which most heavily penalise the poor, through higher prices on essential goods and services. Cutting VAT from 20% to 17.5% as advocated by Labour is supported by 86% with only 9% against,  and cutting fuel duty preferred by exactly the same margin.

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