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Corbyn ahead in leadership poll as Eagle drops out of race

AngelaEagle1Jeremy Corbyn is set to win the Labour leadership election for the second time in twelve months, according to the latest polling from YouGov, for The Times. The percentage of people who think Corbyn is doing well now stands at 55%, up four points, while 41% think he is doing poorly. Corbyn, according to the YouGov poll, would win 54% of the votes while Angela Eagle would secure 21% and Smith will be last with 15%.

Since the poll was conducted however, Angela Eagle has ducked out of the race, giving Owen Smith a clear run. While he was thought by many to have been the preferred candidate of the right to beat Corbyn, due to his ‘soft left’ credentials, the poll clearly indicates many members would have preferred Eagle to Smith.

Yet Eagle has now dropped out of the race, after more MPs came out in favour of Smith. Corbyn now faces a single challenger which may make things more difficult – though he is still expected to win, as every major bookmaker has him as the odds-on favourite today.

There have also been further murmurs from MPs and Labour members on the right that they are unhappy that Smith was chosen ahead of Eagle, believing that after the Conservatives adopted their second woman leader and prime minister, Labour should be getting round to its first. This adds to concerns around the image that Smith is peddling with members, of being ‘normal’, by appearing to contrast his marriage and children to Angela Eagle’s private life.

In the poll of 1,019 Labour members surveyed between Friday 15 July and Monday 18 July, 44% said they would definitely vote for Corbyn, while a further 13% said they would probably vote for him. While polling in leadership elections is far from an exact science, YouGov’s track record is strong. Last summer they had Corbyn winning in every poll from the start.


  1. jeffrey davies says:

    you can bet that corbyn will win big that do nicely

  2. Martin hodges says:

    As you say all the polls indicate what the membership want how arrogant of Angela eagle and seventy odd other MPs and MEPs to to work against the wishes of the membership.

    1. Innocent Abroad says:

      Perhaps some Corbinista here could explain what they think the point of Labour MPs is. Obviously it’s not to introduce socialism, since that can only come about through the uprising of the masses.

  3. Tony says:

    Her attempts to blackmail Corbyn into resigning have clearly failed.

    It is interesting that the New Statesman, which is usually full of anti-Corbyn articles, recently ran a story which said this.

    “The day before the NEC met, Angela Eagle, who for months had been planning to stand for the leadership, formally launched her challenge.”

    George Eaton, the New Statesman, 15 -21 July 2016.

    As for the nonsense about her constituency window being broken:

    1. John P Reid says:

      Did eagle ever say for a fact that this was directed at her by corbynistas.

      1. Mark Dixon says:

        Did she, given the lack of clear evidence, ever caution against suggesting that it was?

        1. Matty says:

          Angela’s office claimed that an event in Luton was cancelled due to threats. The hotel concerned then made a statement saying that the hotel cancelled because it was unaware that the booking was for a “political” event, it was nothing to do with threats. Angela’s office was contacted for a response of which came none

  4. Bazza says:

    Yes it’s JC with potentially transformative policies and power for members v a Hollande look-a-like with the same bland and timid policies plus less say for members and back to the top down ‘great men and women of history.’
    JC a socialist v Smith a social democrat and as about as radical as the dreadful Kinnock.
    I”m voting for JC for RADICAL CHANGE & HOPE!

  5. James Martin says:

    Now Wallesy CLP have been suspended!

    Iain McNicol is seriously out of control currently and it would seem any CLP that elects left officers, attacks the coup or disagrees with their coup plotter local MP is for the McNicol smear machine.

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