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Campaign for Socialism candidates Scottish Executive Committee elections

Campaign for Socialism is encouraging all members and supporters to back the below candidates in the upcoming Scottish Executive Committee election. Ballots will start arriving (mostly by email) from the start of January. To help in an individual’s campaign for the SEC, you can contact them directly on the email below.

Campaign for Socialism is backing these candidates for the SEC.

Campaign for Socialism is backing these candidates for the SEC.

Angela Moohan –

Ann Henderson –

Stephen Low –

Angela Feeney –

Robert Foster –

Cara Hilton –

Lesley Brennan –



  1. Dave Roberts says:

    I must say I’d never heard of this grouping. Who is behind, or in front, of it?

  2. David Pavett says:

    It would be helpful if we could be told on what platform of policies these candidates are standing. I looked at the Campaign for Socialism website and could not find anything on this. Admittedly I live in London and therefore do not have a vote but I am sure that voters in Scotland want to know what they are being asked to vote for just as much as voters anywhere else.

  3. Bazza says:

    Yes, good points David. If I was in Scotland I would vote for these because implicit is that they are good socialists (which Scotland badly needs) but perhaps a discussion of their ideas may be more enriching and is perhaps how we should to be working in future.

  4. David Pavett says:

    It says much about the current state of the left that people can stand on a left-wing slate (1) without feeling a need to say what they are standing for and (2) without feeling a need to respond with some explanation when this is pointed out. Labour has a mountain to climb in Scotland. It is hard to believe that anyone thinks it can be done on this sort of basis.

  5. Rob Green says:

    Opportunists rarely make their programme explicit unless it’s an easy `reform’. The vaguer the better for them. Then they can bend with the wind. They didn’t even notice Corbyn dropping forty years of opposition to the EU and its predecessors overnight.

    For socialism to gain a foothold in Scotland once again it needs to be for a socialist Brexit and Scottish sovereignty.

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