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Can Labour revive its democracy?

by Conrad Landin.

All hail, Arnie Graf. Once again, the press are heralding a new “guru” for dear leader Ed Miliband. Graf, like Maurice “Blue Labour” Glasman before him, says he offers fresh ideas to make the Labour Party vibrant once more. His “community organising” and “Obama mentor” repertoire is ideal – here’s the man steeped in the […]

Blue Labour is a blind alley

by Diane Abbott.

Blue Labour: gone and best forgotten

by Darrell Goodliffe.

Maurice Glasman really needs help with his grenade-throwing addiction. It is not a good sign when you are so desperate to do it that you casually lob one into your own home. His  interview in the Daily Telegraph in which he aligned himself with the immigration policy of the British National Party and UKIP has destroyed Blue […]

Blue Labour debate: Glasman, Abbott and Flint

by Jon Lansman.

Good performance by Diane, especially on immigration, social housing and casualisation of labour. Form your own judgement!

The demolition of Maurice Glasman

by Jon Lansman.

Last night on the subject of Blue Labour, Helen Goodman MP (with a bit of help from Comrade Paxman) had the better of Maurice Glasman (or as Paxman had it “Goldman…sorry Grassman”). You can judge for your self here or read this transcript:

Blue Labour: more Old Labour than it thinks

by David Osler.

I have not been able to track down the origin of the slogan ‘family, faith and flag’. But if somebody told me that it was first advanced by an obscure Croatian proto-fascist splinter group in the 1930s, I wouldn’t be at all surprised. Given Blue Labour’s patently puerile desire to secure column inches by the […]

Glasman’s Blue Labour overlooks the unions

by Andy Newman.

Maurice Glasman’s introductory essay in the recent book about “Blue Labour” is quite an entertaining read, where he visualises the Labour Party as the son of a working class trade union father, possibly a non-conformist Christian; and a middle class professional mother, with radical ideals. Glasman therefore seeks to locate the paradox of the party in an […]

Blue will never be the new Red

by Andy Newman.

The “Blue Labour” agenda associated with Maurice Glasman has generated considerable discussion, and the recent interview with Progress shows that there is an element of iconoclasm from Glasman himself, where he expresses deliberately provocative positions, for example lamenting that the current generation of trade union leaders don’t match up to Sir Ken Jackson, or suggesting that […]

Blue Labour? No thanks

by Michael Meacher.

Let us start with one point of agreement with Maurice Glasman’s Blue Labour. He is right to focus on regaining Labour’s lost working class vote rather than, as with the Blairites, preposterously concentrating on the tipping points of the swing marginals. Labour lost 5 million votes since 1997, 4 million of them in the 8 […]

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