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Blue Labour debate: Glasman, Abbott and Flint

Good performance by Diane, especially on immigration, social housing and casualisation of labour. Form your own judgement!

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  1. Colin Dailley says:

    Agree 100% with Diane on immigration and need for more social housing (building of which would provide lots of jobs for young + mature people in the construction sector !). Re-immigration – it is an old Tory trick to get the working class fighting their natural brothers and sisters, i.e. immigrants, rather than joining together to fight the ‘bosses’, who hold down EVERYONE’S wages and benefits/perks. It’s ‘divide and rule’. You might expect we’d all have seen thru that simple tactic by now !! ? The bosses shit on you . . . but don’t then shit on those you perceive to be ‘below’ you . . . make common cause with them !! Our interests are really ONE with immigrants !! They are our Brothers and Sisters!!

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