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Blue Labour is a blind alley


  1. JanD says:

    I agree with the above. This feels kind of cheap and is particularly unfair to Jonathan Rutherford:

    Anyway, isn’t it a bit late to join the Blue Labour bashing bandwagon? I don’t think that this will resurrect anyone’s career.

  2. Gary Elsby says:

    Yes, but we all know that blue Labour will lecture everyone about how wrong we all were about immigration and we shoul be a bit tighter on it.

    We all know that Trident bombs are much better than traditional weapons of mass destruction and so we must have them.

    And of course, we have to modernise our internal voting structures before the general public will vote for us.

    It goes without saying that the left have been wrong for 100 of the 110 years of existence and for those ten in question, they were wrong also.

    The only way that this Country will vote for Labour again is if new blue Labour buys a new sofa.

    People are less interested in elderly care, pensions and utility markets than we think.

    Dianne 1
    New blue true real & proper Labour (and NEC) 0.

  3. Jon Lansman says:

    In view of the personal or abusive nature of some comments, they have been deleted and comments on this video are now closed. As our comments policy says:

    By all means challenge the things people say or do, but don’t be personal and keep it civil. Play the ball and not the player.”

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