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Backing for Corbyn has increased amongst party members says Times poll (updated)

by Jon Lansman.

This article has now been updated based on the full YouGov tables now published, which also reveal that opposition to austerity now stretches right across Labour’s political spectrum. The Times (£) has revealed that backing for Jeremy Corbyn amongst those who voted in the contest has increased from the 59% who voted for him to 66% who […]

New YouGov poll shows Corbyn has more support than Burnham & Cooper combined

by Newsdesk.

A new YouGov poll for the London Standard shows that Jeremy Corbyn “has more support among London public than nearest rivals, Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper, put together“.  Forty-six per cent of Londoners with an opinion thought Jeremy would make the best Labour leader, reports the Standard, compared with 21% for Burnham, 20% for Cooper and […]

Labour’s Scottish bloodbath … And what needs to be done about it

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

As an ex-Trot, I’ve got previous when it comes to looking at reality and laughing in its face. I’ve been running through those memories … hope that the far left might work together constructively … that a new workers’ party was a go-er … that the paper I used to sell was improving … in […]

Labour still odds-on not only to win election, but overall majority too

by Michael Meacher.

Now that the storm-in-a-teacup in the PLP orchestrated by 3 ne’er-do-well malcontents and gleefully inflated by the Tory tabloids is over, it is as well to assess the state of play before another bout of self-indulgent hysterics blows up. Before the PLP gets afflicted again with a turn of the jitters, look at the evidence. […]

Poll demonstrates how little Scottish Labour is trusted to represent Scotland

by Jon Lansman.

Yesterday we reported on the Ipsos MORI Scottish poll (for which full tables are now available) showing a 30% swing from Labour to the SNP since the 2010 general election. Today a YouGov poll (detailed tables here) carried out entirely after Johann Lamont’s resignationconfirms the dramatic threat to Labour in Scotland, albeit with a somewhat […]

Four days of predicting a Blairite leader & poll points to Scottish Labour meltdown

by Jon Lansman.

  The latest poll from Ispos-MORI is a devastating blow to Labour which underlines the desperate state in which the New Labour years (as well as the failure of Ed Miliband to put them behind us) have left the Scottish Labour party. The poll shows a 30% swing across Scotland from the 2010 general election, leaving […]

Why Lord Ashcroft’s polling on Unite is worthless and should be discounted

by Jon Lansman.

Lord Ashcroft published a poll of Unite members yesterday which made uncomfortable reading for Unite’s leadership – “just under half (49%) of Unite members said they would vote Labour in an election tomorrow; 23% would vote Tory,” revealed Lord Ashcroft for example. It also gave some encouragement to Ed Miliband’s plan to restructure the party-union link — […]

The worrying 35 per cent: how can we convince the country?

by Meric Apak.

The problem for me though is that according to a recent YouGov poll, 35% of the public still hold the last Labour Government solely responsible for the cuts, 27% the current Government and 28% both.

Sign of Labour recovery in Scotland

by Jon Lansman.

A poll for yesterday’s Scottish Times shows encouraging signs of a Labour recovery in Scotland. Although the Times (and other Scottish news media) lead on the poll’s findings in respect of independence and devolution (anti-independence, pro-devo-max which was also the most popular in a 3-way choice), the poll’s findings on Westminster voting intentions are rather […]

Labour’s standing in the polls is a poor excuse for knocking Ed

by Lee Brown.

Polling evidence does not support the idea that Ed’s time is up. Silly season is normally reserved for the summer. But this year we have also had the Winter version with a torrent of newspaper articles making it clear it that their authors believe that Ed Miliband’s time is up. Pages have been filled undermining Ed, […]

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