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Why is Labour not getting its economic message across?

by Michael Meacher.

The Shadow Cabinet is rightly concerned that Labour is not doing a lot better in the polls: austerity is beginning to bite hard and Osborne was forced to admit  that this will continue for (at least) another 6 years — a whole decade of stagnation if not actual impoverishment. It is important to be clear […]

50% Tax rates: what the public think

by Jon Lansman.

Last weekend’s YouGov poll for the Sunday Times reveals what the public think of the 50 tax rate. And readers will be encouraged that roughly half the population — across the voters of all three main parties — think the top rate is about right (although younger people and Londoners are less likely to think […]

Don’t rule out a Lib Dem recovery

by Jon Lansman.

A new poll from the South West shows this week that there’s no room for complacency about an impending rout of the Lib Dems. Labour members rightly despise the Lib Dems for backing a Tory government. Many of their own voters felt the same way, leading to a collapse in Lib Dem support in the polls […]

Poll blow for Labour in Scotland

by Jon Lansman.

As the SNP launch their campaign for the Scottish Parliament elections, Labour faces a much closer fight than it hoped according to the latest Ipsos MORI poll for the Times (£). Whereas the same pollsters put Labour 10 points ahead of the SNP in November and another pollster had Labour 16 points ahead last month, […]

Taxing the rich – the poll evidence

by Jon Lansman.

Anyone concerned about growing inequality, who thinks that tax policies need to be more progressive than those of either the Tory-led government or its New Labour predecessors, has cause for celebration this morning. The latest YouGov poll for today’s Sunday Times shows clear public backing for taxing the rich. Forty-nine per cent think the top […]

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