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Jeremy Corbyn brings straight talking, honest politics to PMQs

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Jeremy Corbyn this morning pledged to try and change Prime Minister’s Questions. Would he go for the “honest politics, plainly spoken” approach of his leadership campaign, avoiding the name-calling and yah boo sucks, or will he rise to the bait put to him by Dave? As we now know, he started as he’s been carrying […]

PMQs – the spectacle and farce – is rotten and out of touch and needs radical reform

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It’s been a long, tedious road; but here we are. In regular slots since the 13 October 2010 Dave and Ed have faced off in gladiatorial combat over the dispatch box. How did it go? It was pretty poor, from Labour’s perspective. Especially when, for those who score such things, Ed Miliband had come out on […]

Prime Minister’s questions is now the pits and needs radical reform

by Michael Meacher.

I asked Cameron at PMQs yesterday a question showing that Osborne’s boasted ‘recovery’ was no such thing. Is the PM aware that, according to the Economist, Britain is now 159th lowest in the world in terms of business investment, just behind Mali, Paraguay and Guatemala? Could he therefore tell the House when, under his esteemed […]

Is Cameron the least accountable PM ever?

by Jon Lansman.

Is Cameron the least accountable PM ever? At least in terms of answering the questions asked by MPs. I’m not just talking about the way he evades so many questions, but the number of times he even faces Ed Miliband. The last PMQs were on 20 March before the budget. There have been none since […]

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