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Is Cameron the least accountable PM ever?

Is Cameron the least accountable PM ever? At least in terms of answering the questions asked by MPs. I’m not just talking about the way he evades so many questions, but the number of times he even faces Ed Miliband.

The last PMQs were on 20 March before the budget. There have been none since and today’s was cancelled due to Thatcher’s funeral in spite of Dennis Skinner’s admirable attempt to prevent that happening. There will be only two before 5 June, thanks to Easter and Whitsun breaks and the ‘prorogation’ of parliament before the queen’s speech — 40 days away from Westminster in all.

MPs, of course, claim that these 40 days away are not holidays. They’re hard at work in their constituencies, they say, for most of that time. For many, that’s true.

But as for Cameron, you can run…. but you can’t hide!

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