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Europe’s shame: ethnic cleansing ignored

by Jon Lansman.

Across Europe, eight million Romani citizens of the EU are subject to systematic segregation and persecution that is similar to the treatment of Jews in the first months of Nazi rule. It is to Europe’s shame that it is largely ignored by western media and governments alike — the interest they did show in the […]

A Step Back from Racism in Tower Hamlets?

by Jon Lansman.

Two weeks ago, we criticised the shortlist of only three imposed on party members in Tower Hamlets for the selection of their directly-elected Mayoral candidate as either patronising – or just plain racist, because  it was “seemingly chosen to minimise the chances of selecting a Bangla candidate”, as both the current and previous Council Leaders, […]

Labour & Tower Hamlets: Patronising – or just plain racist?

by Jon Lansman.

It’s over a decade now since the last time Labour members in Tower Hamlets were last allowed to properly select their council candidates so we should not be surprised at another stitch-up. However, the latest shenanigans takes it all to a higher, more dangerous level.  For the selection of the candidate for Mayor of Tower […]

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