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Ian Davidson forges ahead in race for Scottish Deputy

The race for the Scottish Leadership livened up today as further trade union nominations were revealed and Ian Davidson emerged as a very strong contender for the deputy leadership.

Ian Davidson has virtually cleaned up the trade union nominations, winning the backing of Unite, Unison, GMB, UCATT, CWU and ASLEF. With that level of support, the contest appears to be a straight fight between Davidson and fellow Westminster MP for Glasgow, Anas Sarwar. Sarwar was similarly dominant amongst MP and MSP nominations but has only received one union (BECTU) in addition to the expected noninations from right-wing unions, USDAW and Community. News of constituency party nominations is therefore eagerly awaited as an indicator of where party activist votes are likely to go, but it does look like Lewis Macdonald MSP will not get beyond the first round.

Johann Lamont also picked up the “big three” — Unite, Unison and GMB — thereby consolidating her position as the front-runner in the election for leader, after she won clear majority support of MSPs amongst her nominations as well as a small lead in the MP/MSP/MEP section overall. Although not all MPs, MSPs and MEPs nominated (10 made no nominations at all), some of those who did not nominate may not vote, including Gordon Brown, current leader Iain Gray, and Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran, plus the candidates in the election for the other post.


  1. Andrea says:

    Curran was reported as a Lamont’ s backer before being promoted to SHadow Cabinet.

    Are the Unions nominations visible on the party website?

    1. Jon Lansman says:

      Not yet, Andrea, I’m afraid.

  2. Andrea says:

    Thanks Jon Lansman.

    Maybe they will just update at the end with all supporting nominations. I gathered a couple of CLP noms from twitter but nothing more so far

  3. Andrea says:

    The party website has been updated with supporting nominations from Councillors. First time I heard them!

  4. John Simon says:

    Sarwar has also got NUM I see. From his twitter account he seems to have been around the country visiting CLPs – where have Ian Davidson and Lewis McDonald been?

    Neither even have a website or even a facebook page as far as I can see…. Is Ian just relying on the Trade Unions to win it for him??

    1. Jon Lansman says:

      Not true, John Simon, Ian Davidson has a perfectly good website at

  5. John Simon says:

    Thanks Jon, have now got onto it. Wasn’t well advertised before or maybe I am just not on the right networks.

    What is Ian’s campaign strategy? I was at the hustings at the special conference and he said it wasn’t for MPs to knock doors – who should?

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