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Labour’s internal election candidates should have an all-member eMail slot

Today, Labour’s national executive committee has been meeting. In the wake of complaints about certain candidates for internal elected office having access to all-members contact details, by fair means or foul, I wondered whether consideration was given to a comradely gesture.

Instead of a witch-hunt, did our NEC representatives consider following a precedent established during the 2010 leadership election campaign and grant all candidates an opportunity to make a personalised communication to all members? NB.This does not require releasing membership details to all candidates, but use of the national membership datebase, and a modicum of staff time forwarding to members one communication per candidate (willing to gamble the risk of alienation in the hope of securing an extra vote).

If not, it must be within the powers of the General Secretary, Iain McNicol, to ensure a more level playing field for the NEC and National Policy Forum 2012 elections now underway?

Even though ballot papers have gone out to most members, a gentle reminder in the former of personalised communications between now and the close of polls at 5pm on Wednesday 13 June 2012 might even increase turnout.

This also appeared at Peter Kenyon’s own blog.

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