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Centre-Left candidates for Labour councillor elections

Labour councillors will receive additional ballot papers to elect their representatives on Labour’s national executive and policy forum. In the election for two NEC representatives, Jay Kramer of Hastings Borough Council will contest with Dave Sparks, leader of Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, and Ann Lucas of Coventry.

For the four national policy forum places, Steve Swift of North Lincolnshire joins Angela Cornforth of Greenwich, a sitting member, and five other candidates.

Angela Cornforth, as well as a sitting member of the national policy forum, is on its education policy commission. Currently deputy mayor of the London Borough of Greenwich, she has previously been deputy leader of both Greenwich and its neighbour Lewisham. She is also treasurer of her Unite branch and secretary of Greenwich Coop party.

Jay Kramer was until this month deputy leader of Hastings Council on which Labour strengthened its majority this May. A former full time Unison official, she is now an active Unite member, and  proud to represent Tressel ward named after the author of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist

Steve Swift is Secretary of the Labour Group on North Lincolnshire council, on which Labour is two seats short of a majority. as well as of Scunthorpe constituency Labour Party.

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