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Video: Rotherham deputy leader confronts party official at selection meeting

Where next for the party?This short video was linked from the website of the Rotherham Advertiser. It features a member of the constituency party – identified on Twitter as council deputy leader Jahangir Akhtar – confronting a party official on the exclusion of candidates from the NEC shortlist.

This is presumably before the majority of members present at the meeting stormed out in protest.

Cllr Akhtar says: “You still haven’t given us a single reason why Mahroof Hussain [a popular local councillor] did not make the shortlist.”

Another member can be heard to reply: “Because he’d have won!”

Cllr Akhtar has since tweeted in support of selected candidate Sarah Champion.


  1. Dave says:

    “Cllr Akhtar has since tweeted in support of selected candidate Sarah Champion.”

    No need to kiss the hand that slaps you when there’s an alternative.

  2. Gary Elsby says:

    In my world of exposing Labour corruptions within the selection process, ‘supporting’ the winning candidate usually means a shoo in somewhere else.

    100 members walked out(?) leaving only 27 to vote in Rotherham.

    If this is Labour, then we know why Labour lost the last General Election.

    I gather Newsnight have decided not to run this story and have opted to run a story on the Blue Peter garden instead.

    Lucky Labour.

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