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Tory website posing as “non-partisan” in dodgy attempt to fix PCC elections

The website is posing as a “non partisan” “educational” website for the public in the upcoming elections for Police.

However it has been run in a very strange way. We have reports that until recently only Tory candidates in the election had their full details uploaded onto the site and our sources tell us that some other candidates had to contact the website numerous times before their details were uploaded.

It seems that this website is not behaving in a terribly “non-partisan” fashion at all. This is not surprising when it turns out it is being run by the Tories’ favourite think tank “Policy Exchange”, set up by ministers Francis Maude and Michael Gove.

A website set up by a “non-partisan” think tank possibly using underhand tactics to promote certain candidates raises issues around electoral law.

More details of the case can be heard on this podcast from Norfolk.

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  1. Patrick Coates says:

    This happened at our local election, I got the Council to take all pictures off there web site of LIBs and Tories. all on or nothing,
    PCC Elections, The Times Newspaper are wrong in only listing 2 candidates into Kent Police dealings..
    Fair elections rubbish this could scew the result, other 4 candidates should complain.

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