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Manchester Central parliamentary selection opens

Tony Lloyd MP has been selected (unopposed) as Labour candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Manchester. In order to contest this election in November, he will be stepping down as MP for Manchester Central which had a 10,430 majority at the last general election. Tony was a Minister in the early years of the Blair government but went on to vote against the Iraq war, the renewal of Trident and tuition fees, and to be a fine Chair of the parliamentary Labour party (PLP). We wish him every success in the PCC election when that time comes.

Any reader interested in being selected should submit a CV (in the standard form) to by 12noon on Friday 23 March. Candidates who are selected for interview must be availble to attend on Wednesday 28 March at Labour’s London HQ. The selection iteslf will take place in Manchester on Monday 16 April. The PLP could certainly do with more members on the Left.

It is understod that this selection may be designated a women only shortlist. Since all five of Manchester’s current crop of Labour MPs are men, this seems reasonable. It is well known that Ed Miliband’s deputy chief of staff, Lucy Powell, is very interested in the seat. She stood in neighbouring Withington in the 2010 general election, but lost to Lib Dem John Leach. However, she faces stiff competition. Other potential candidates, according to Labour Uncut are Mike Amesbury, Rosa Battle and Afzal Khan.

If Lucy Powell was to be selected, she would be the third member of Ed Miliband’s staff to be selected in this parliament, and the second in a by election. She would follow Jon Ashworth who was elected in the Leicester South by-election and Polly Billington selected in Thurrock (from a shortlist of just two). As it happens, we are not aware of any procedural improprieties in these selections. However, we would suggest that, if the Labour Party wishes to avoid charges of impropriety, it would be well advised to ensure that party members in Manchester Central get to choose from a shortlist of no fewer than six names.

We shall be carefully monitoring the selection, and may the best woman win.


  1. Andrea says:

    Shouldn’t they decide if it’s an AWS or not before allowing people to send their CVs?
    I suspect Labour Uncut’s theory that they won’t impose an official AWS but they would happen to shortlist just women may be realistic.

    As Powell seems to be always mentioned when a controversy regarding the leader office and internal stuffs (for ex the directors appointments; the GenSec election campaign against McNicol) emerges, I guess some may be happy to get her out of that place!

    The poor Khan has probably been waiting Kaufman’s retirment in Gorton for many years now….at this rate, we will all die before Kaufman retires.
    If it’s an AWS, there’s always Khan’s daughter (who stood in Bury North in 2010 GE and got a decent result all things considered)

  2. John Wiseman says:

    Jon have put my name because I lived in Manchester for a while and have connections through union and cooperative party

  3. james says:

    sorry, but this by election is a completely arranged set up by the labour party just so ed miliband can give his aid a safe seat.

    i applied for the seat after receiving an email from labour and i have been completely rejected with out even being told because the party is conducting interviews tomorrow (29th) and is 7:45.

    my CV includes being born in moss side and i grew up there, i was state educated and received straight As through primary school, high school and college, i was lucky enough to be accepted to the London school of economics on a scholarship where i studied economics and mathematics and graduated with a 1st (95%), i also gained my masters in economics and a PhD in economics, I then went to work for a Barclay’s bank before starting at the bank of england in 2002 and i quit in 2008 to move back to Manchester because my children (1 boy and 2 girls) where starting to act like little snobs so i brought them to see how real people live. i have been a member of the party since i was 18( some 20 years ago) how do i not even get considered for this seat

    this is a complete sham, i am probably the most qualified candidate to contest the seat

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