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The six most popular stories this week

  1. On Jimmy Savile, Tony Blair, and turning a blind eye to serious crimes: Blair and Savile had one thing in common says Jon Lansman: people in high places turned a blind eye to their different but serious crimes.
  2. The Wilderness Years: Appreciate a BBC documentary from the mid-nineties about Labour history from Benn to Blair.
  3. Owen Jones and the prospects for neo-Bennism: If only the predictions of Left revival by the rabid right were true, argues David Osler.
  4. Six things Labour should not say about Scottish independence: eight months old, but topical again, in the week that started with Cameron’s go ahead for the Scottish vote on independence and ends with the SNP conference.
  5. The Atos nightmare gets worse: Michael Meacher recounts new ATOS horror stories.
  6. Housing benefit: the scandal and the myth: Richard Johnson explains why living with “mum and dad” isn’t an option for many young people who will be hit very hard by benefit cuts.

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