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The six most popular stories this week

  1. My speech on ATOS Work Capability Assessments – way ahead this week is Michael Meacher’s powerful opening speech in the debate he successfully bid for in Parliament. Here you can watch the video or read it.
  2. Working class politics, the labour movement and protest – Unite’s Len McCluskey gave the annual Ralph Miliband lecture at the LSE last week. He frames working class politics within the notion that “all concepts of politics, of whatever kind, are about conflict──how to contain it, or abolish it.” He also reinforces Unite’s recent message of organisation beyond the workplace.
  3. Cut Trident, not jobs, homes, and health – firebrand Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn wrote for us in advance of Thursday afternoon’s parliamentary debate on nuclear weapons.
  4. Tony Blair worth up to £60m, with complex web of companies “to hide just how much money he makes” – Jon Lansman draws our attention to the latest doings of the former Labour premier.
  5. Firebox: a new space for the left – our report from last August on the opening of a left-wing cafe in King’s Cross, modelled on the Partisan Café of 1958-61.
  6. Hitchens, the “kitsch-left”, and the cult of the individual – Conrad Landin takes a look at the mythology around Christopher Hitchens, and wonders why left-wingers can’t get away from deifying such figures so soon after their deaths, or even in life. Written in November, and brought back to attention after a Twitter recommendation from the LRB’s Jenny Diski.

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