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The six most popular stories this week

  1. Just how left wing is Sinn Féin? – Dave Osler questions the left credentials of Sinn Féin in government at Stormont.
  2. The seven myths of welfare: when will Labour destroy them ? – Michael Meacher outlines the myths and stereotypes about welfare benefits which Labour seems to show no interest in dispelling.
  3. Young Labour conference: potentially unaffordable under new structure – never mind the potential for fixing, stopping constituencies sending delegates to Labour’s youth conference could mean many activists cannot afford to attend. Conrad Landin explains how.
  4. A new fair economy vs. neoliberal capitalism – Michael Meacher outlines several redirections of resources that would make the world sustainably better off.
  5. For the Labour right, multilateral disarmament means no disarmament – Daniel Blaney rebuffs the recent right-wing Labour offensive in support of replacing Trident with a new generation of nuclear weapons.
  6. On Jimmy Savile, Tony Blair, and turning a blind eye to serious crimes: (after a week off, returning for a third week) Blair and Savile had one thing in common says Jon Lansman: people in high places turned a blind eye to their different but serious crimes.

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