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The six most popular stories this week

  1. On Jimmy Savile, Tony Blair, and turning a blind eye to serious crimes: (for the second week running) Blair and Savile had one thing in common says Jon Lansman: people in high places turned a blind eye to their different but serious crimes.
  2. The boos won’t help, but Ed is wrong, wrong, wrong on austerity: austerity with “different but fairer choices” is not the answer and to understand why, it is only necessary to revisit Ed Balls’s Bloomberg speech, says Jon Lansman.
  3. Let’s make Young Labour accountable: with no accountability and no sense of what they’re up to, it’s time for some more democracy argues Conrad Landin.
  4. BBC-bashing: fashionable, but at our peril: it is entirely proper that bosses at the BBC are being carpeted for not doing the right thing over Savile, says Lucy Reese, but be careful what you wish for.
  5. Keith Vaz’s place on Labour’s national executive challenged: it is alleged that Vaz hasn’t paid his dues and isn’t eligible to be there, reports Jon Lansman.
  6. The practicality of a general strike: Building a political alliance against austerity is a more urgent task for the unions than industrial action for which the preconditions have not yet been established, argues Andy Newman.

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