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The six most popular stories this week

The top sixA manic week in Labour politics – and our six articles with the most hits are dominated by the Falkirk selection debacle, as one would expect.

  1. Simon Danczuk vs Owen Jones on welfare – the video – the Labour MP for Rochdale said that Osborne’s extension of the delay in JSA payments from three to seven days was “fair enough”. This is what followed.
  2. Blairites are up in arms about Falkirk because they fear they’ve lost their monopoly in fixing seats – Michael Meacher argues that the Progress tendency display bare-faced hypocrisy by crying foul play over Falkirk.
  3. Progress have been stoking the flames but it’s time for Ed & Len to turn the heat down – Jon Lansman says it’s time for party HQ to diffuse the situation, rather than making statements that play into the Tories’ hands
  4. Falkirk, and the developing row between Labour and UNITE – this was Andy Newman’s analysis of the debacle before it became front-page news
  5. All union levy-payers should be able to vote in Labour selections – Jon Lansman proposes a solution that would make union involvement in parliamentary selections simpler and more transparent
  6. Daily Mail says 70% of Labour candidates have union links – inquiry demanded – the party rules say Labour candidates must be trade union members, so what are the other 30 per cent up to?

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