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The six most popular stories this week

The top six1. Careerism – the cancer in the heart of Labour – Jon Lansman, writing about the disgraces of former health secretary of Patricia Hewitt, looks to the candidate selection process as the root of party woes.

2. Progress: a political embarrassment – Taste the difference! Frances Docx and Conrad Landin chart the ‘progress’ of the Sainsbury-backed Blairite pressure group from its glory days to its current toxicity and self-parody.

3. Anne Marie Waters – the worst possible PPC for Brighton Pavillion – Andy Newman writes about the worrying links of one of Labour’s latest parliamentary hopefuls.

4. Did the two Eds last week expose Labour’s policy process as a sham? – never mind the disgrace of capitulating to Tory economic policy, says Jon Lansman, where was the party’s policy forum in the taking of this decision?

5. Labour can see the light, so why won’t it act? – Michael Meacher writes about the absurdity of the front-bench quest for Tory-defined ‘economic credibility’ when Ed Balls professes to recognise the fallacy of neoliberal thinking.

6. The People’s Assembly against Austerity: a programme for action – read the proposed policy and action points to be put before the London gathering next weekend.

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