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The six most popular stories this week

Progress, class and parliamentary selectionsKen Livingstone makes the case for more working class candidates, and questions the motives of Progress in this debate.

Ed needs to work out where disunity comes from, and let the party decide its direction: Jon Lansman examines the public spat between Ed Miliband and Len McCluskey, and argues that Ed should trust the party to decide its own future.

Progress: the fixers attack the “fixing”: Jon Lansman exposes the hypocrisy behind the complaints of Progress about the admittedly inadequate process for selecting Euro candidates. He proposes some possible reforms.

The paradox of George Galloway: Andy Newman describers how the storm about Ed Miliband’s meeting with George Galloway spilled out of the teacup, and tries to unpick the realities from the public frenzy.

Labour politicians on the Rich List: Seven of the top 20 politicians on the Times Rich List are Labour. Jon Lansman says who they are and how they got their money.

The Barclay brothers’ cuckoo in Labour’s nest: Mark Seddon argues that the Telegraph‘s “Labour” columnist, Dan Hodges, is a pawn in the Tory game of smearing Labour in the run up to the next election.

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